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The Best Lyft Promo Code

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Finding The Best Lyft promo code for a new users has never been easier; with the hundreds of codes floating around however, it can be confusing to recognize the best one for you. Currently all new lyft promo codes come with a $50 ride credit. What people aren’t telling you about these codes is that each ride is only worth $10, so if you planned on going more than 8 miles you may see additional charges.

We have compiled the best promo codes for new users in this article and hope that our readers take advantage of them. Depending on your city, area, and demand these promo codes may vary in credit. Lyft is in all major cities like Atlanta, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, so finding a ride when you need it most can be easily accomplished.

The Best Lyft Promo Code for 2017:

As many people are well aware, Lyft and Uber have been battling for control for control of the rideshare market for quite some time. Without going into too much detail, they have been both cutting prices at a record rate, and now Lyft is taking a step back. Long story short, Lyft drivers now have the opportunity to make 25% more than the competition, and Lyft passengers are enjoying free ride credits worth between $20 and $50. The company is testing different amounts in each city, so we can’t guarantee a certain price, because we aren’t exactly sure the amount for each city.

So what does this mean for passengers? You can expect drivers to be extra friendly, and potentially enjoy higher ride credits than before. While Lyft strives to be the most affordable option, they are offering huge incentives for new users to try the platform, as well as provide a rockstar experience that new and existing users will never forget. We’ll update this regularly, so check back to learn more. New Lyft promo codes


We update this page as much as possible, and are always looking for ways to save you money. In our searches for some other Lyft-related posts, we came across a few new Lyft codes that we think you will love for your next ride. First, we came across “PA2”, which gives new Lyft drivers access to the huge sign-on bonuses that Lyft is currently offering new drivers. These Lyft driver promotions are worth up to $750, and are good in many different cities around the nation. A great promotion to check out if you are looking to drive!

Second, there is the promo code “PA2” which is a new Lyft user coupon code that gives new riders a credit on their account good for up to $50. This appears to be a new web hosting company that somehow partnered with Lyft at some point? We aren’t sure, but the credit is good as of right now, so who cares anyways.

Those are the new codes we’ve found so far, and will continue to add more as we dig them up! In the meantime, enjoy those two.

How Do I Enter A Lyft Promo Code

Entering a Lyft Promo Code is a easy, hassle free task. Below we have listed the steps to take in order to get your free ride! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!

  • – Download the Lyft rideshare application through the App Store for iPhone, or Google Play Store for Android
  • – You MUST enter the promo code inside the application payment screen BEFORE taking your ride.
  • – The code gets applied to your FIRST ride by default.
  • – The ride code will be good until use, or for 30 days, whichever comes first.
  • – You can get free rides by inviting your friends, or ridesharing with them when they use their first ride with Lyft!

Lyft Promo Codes – Everything You Need to know

Lyft, the peer-to-peer ridesharing app, has changed the way that we view travel.  Known for its whimsical fuzzy pink moustache icon. This bay area business has skyrocketed to new heights, transporting passengers all across the globe.  Whether it’s your morning commute or your night on the town, Lyft gets you where you need to be.  If you’re familiar with Lyft,  you’ve probably heard something about Lyft promotion codes.  Promo codes are a way for users to earn free credit toward their rides.  Not only does Lyft offer convenient and affordable transportation all over your city, but through the latest Lyft promotions, you can find great savings towards your next ride.  Follow this guide for all the tips and tricks to make the most of your Lyft promo codes.


Ridesharing, also known by carpooling, lift sharing, or many other names, has rapidly become part of the modern lifestyle.  The millennial answer to the struggle of the commute, in 2015, ridesharing apps surpassed the use of taxis.  Apps such as the popular Lyft and Uber have now become the answer to everything from going out. Providing a designated driver for your whole party. Allowing you to get work done or enjoy a moment of peace. From humble beginnings in 2009 as a new conceptual way to travel. Rideshare apps have become a staple of day to day living in the modern world.

About Lyft

Lyft found its beginnings in 2012 as a service of Zimride from partners Logan Greene and John Zimmer.  Zimride, which at the time was the largest rideshare service in the United States, was designed for city-to-city trips.  Lyft was their answer to inner city travel.  In 2014, the company grew from 15 to 65 cities, seeing a five-fold growth in both riders and revenue. Lyft frequently partners with music, sporting, and entertainment events, helping ensure safe and easy travel to and from large scale events in cities across the nation.  Today, Lyft is a 5.5 billion dollar company that has become a regular part of day to day life for the modern commuter.

New Users

There’s nothing Lyft loves more than its users. Which is why for every new user that signs up for Lyft gets a big reward.  While Lyft does offer many ways to earn free credit, the first way to do so is to claim a new rider promotion.  If you’ve already used your new rider promo code, keep reading as this guide has all sorts of ways for you to make the most out of Lyft promo codes.  For new users, read below for the ins and outs of new rider promotions.

Many ridesharing apps offer a discount towards your first ride, however Lyft goes above and beyond to give you savings.  Lyft gives new users up to $50 worth of free credit when using a new rider promo code on their first ride.  To claim your credit, all you have to do is download the Lyft app and enter the promo code.  After the code is applied, you can check the Payment tab on the app to see the free credit reflected in your credit balance.

Grab a Lyft promo code now and save money:

Promo Codes


These codes do not, unfortunately, last forever.  Lyft does, however, periodically send out new promo codes such as these, and personal referral codes can be easily found if you know how to look. Many people post their referral codes to different social media platforms, so a good discount is never too far away.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that this promo code does have some limits; once you have the free Lyft ride credit applied to your account it will expire after a 14 day period.  Once you have activated the code, you are officially registered as an “existing user” according to Lyft. But don’t worry, there are still ways to make the most of promo codes as an existing user.

Rollover free credit

One major perk of using Lyft is the rollover of free credit.  Competitor apps such as Uber will only apply your first time rider credit to your initial ride. Even if your ride doesn’t use up all of your credit  Lyft. On the other hand, allows you to hold on to any remaining credit. You don’t have to think too long and hard about where you’d like to take your first ride.  If you have a specific destination that you’d like to use your free credit on, the best thing to do is to hold off on downloading the app until you want to use your Lyft promo code. Just to make sure you get to use it before it expires in 14 days.

If you have yet to sign up for Lyft, you may want to consider reaching out to friends and family to see if anyone you know has a personal referral code of their own.  By applying someone’s referral code to your account, you’ll only get to enjoy some savings, but you also get to put some savings into that person’s pocket too.  While the sign up promo code gives you up to $50 off your ride, using a personal referral code can give you your first ride for free, and after your first ride, whoever gave you their personal referral code gets a free ride of their own in return.

Keep a check on Lyft promo codes

It’s good to periodically check out any promo codes you may have on your account to ensure they are used.  Lyft promo codes will expire after a few months or so, and once a code is expired there is no way to get it back.  You can check the expiration date on your promo codes. As well as other information about them in the PAYMENTS tab of the Uber app.

After you have applied and claimed your promo code, you are officially considered an “existing user”.  And as an existing user, you are no longer able to utilize any new sign up promo codes.  Though these promo codes are no longer available to you, there are still several ways for you to earn credit through Lyft and use it for your future rides.

Existing Users

There is always a good deal of excitement upon joining a new app and saving a bunch of money, however once your promo code is used and the deals become slightly harder to find, the excitement can begin to dim.  While existing users may seem to have less options when it comes to promo codes, there are still many ways to get the absolute best value out of your ride.  Lyft designed these promo codes in order to entice new users to join, so if you’re already a user it takes a little more digging to find your deals.  There are three main categories from which you can reap the benefits of promo codes.  These are:

Lyft Referral Codes


Different Rideshare apps

Lyft Ride Referral

After you use your first ride, you transition into being an “existing user.”  Though the promo codes Lyft offers to new users are no longer available to you, Lyft still rewards its existing users for encouraging other users to join their platform.  You can participate in this by obtaining your own personal Ride Code.  After receiving a personal invite code, you can send it out to friends, family, or anyone else you please.

Referrals can work one of two ways:  As a driver-partner with Lyft, every friend who signs up to drive and completes the required number of trips will earn you a referral reward. If you already have a  Lyft account you can also get yourself some free rides by passing out your personal promo code and receive a trip anywhere for between $5-$50 from Lyft once your friend signs up.  This is a great win-win, because your friends will also be able to capitalize on the deals. But remember, your referral credit for signing up your friend will only be applied after their first trip.

The Ride Code program is a very easy to use system

Lyft’s website explains the use of personal promo codes as follows:

There are a couple of ways to get your code out there. You can invite your friends to Lyft directly through the app by choosing “Free Rides” from the left side menu. From there, you can invite friends from the contacts on your phone.

New passengers can also enter your unique referral code (also found in the “Free Rides” screen) into the “Promo” screen of their app when signing up”

You will be amazed at house rapidly your free Lyft promo code credit will pile up, leading to all sorts of savings on your daily trips around town.

Rake in credit

Giving out a personal ride code is a great way to rake in some credit for your own rides.  By giving it out your code to friends and family, sharing it with coworkers, or even posting about it on social media, the discounts can really stack up.   And, unlike the new user promo code, you can reuse your referral over and over again to continue saving money.  The more ways you share your personal ride code, the more likely it is to attract users.  Any new Lyft users you get to sign up using your ride code also get their first ride for free, so this set up is mutually beneficial for everyone.  Once your friend has taken their first ride with Lyft, your next ride in any city that shares your signup city’s national currency will be for free.

There are all sorts of great ways to get your personal Lyft promo code out there.  From public events to social media, you can find countless options for sharing your code.  Here are some helpful ways to share your personal referral code with others:

1. Customize your Ride Code

By default your ride code will likely be a long series of letters and numbers, which can make it harder to remember.  By customized your personal ride code, you not only get to add a touch of creative flair, you get to create something that will stick in people’s heads and ensure the use of your code!  Try to find a code that is simple and unique, the easier it is to remember, the more likely it is that people will use your code

2. Print out Fliers

If you’re the type to frequent large scale events, fliers could be the perfect method for you.  Design and print handy fliers with your ride code on them to hand out at various events.  Places such as concerts, bars, and parties are great for this. As many people do not wish to drive and would love to have your discount!  If you’re feeling extra creative, try your hand at designing an eye catching advertisement for your code, but don’t worry, even a simple hand out can be incredibly effective.  Having a hard copy of your code also makes it much easier to remember and in turn more likely to be used.

3. Reach out on Social Media

Social media is an amazing tool for connecting us, so why not connect your followers to great deals?  Whether it’s a status update, an instagram picture, or a blog post, reaching out via the internet can help you get your code out to those you wouldn’t meet day to day.  Check out the social media platforms you love to use and see where you have the most followers.  Once your code is posted, others may even share it, furthering your reach and increasing your credit.


These suggestions will help you get your Lyft promo code out there and utilized, but don’t be scared to try out your own ideas as well!  There are many great ways to spread the savings, and your own creativity can lead to great success.  However, it’s important to remember that there are certain restrictions on what you can and cannot do with your personal ride code.  Ride codes cannot be traded for money, Ride codes can expire within 30 days of application, so if you’re using a ride code referral make sure to use it in time.

Friends and Family

If ride codes aren’t your style, another great to cash in on Lyft promo codes is to tag along with friends and family who are new users.  Thanks to rideshare apps, carpooling isn’t just great for the environment, it’s also great for your wallet.  Next time you’re about to pull out your phone to request a Lyft, check with the people with you to see if anyone has not yet signed up.  Explain to them about the $50 worth of free credit they can earn on their first ride as a new user, and get them started.  So not only have you turned on your friend to a great new convenience in their life, but you both get a cheaper ride to wherever you want to go!

Personal Lyft Ride Code

If you do have a personal ride code of your own, you can stack the benefits by offering your friend your code while they sign up.  That way not only do you both get free credit on your Lyft ride, but you get your own free ride when you hop in the car with them.  And since your account is credited as soon as the new user takes their first ride, you can even use the credit you received from the referral code for your ride home!  That way both of you get to reap the full benefits of your savings.

Different Rideshare Apps

Of course, once you and everyone you know has joined the Lyft movement, it can be a little trickier to utilize these promo codes.  However, ridesharing has now become a staple for many people, leading to multiple other rideshare apps to test and try.  Apps such as Uber, Gett, Sidecar, and countless others have sprung up in the midst of the rideshare craze, and, just like Lyft, these apps also offer promo codes to new users for discounted first rides.

If you’re a driver, the savings can pile up even more. If you sign up to drive for Lyft while using a Lyft driver promo code, you can receive a cash bonus of up to $5,000!  Just remember, the referral code must be entered before your application, or it will not be valid.  Check out the value of driver promo codes in  your area, as it does vary city to city.

Tips for Using a Lyft Promo Code

Lyft promo codes are right there for the taking, but there are a few things that should be kept in mind before use:

  • In order for a promo code to be applied to your fare, you must enter the code before or during your ride. If applied after your ride, it will be used for your next one instead.
  • Your promo code may have an expiration date or may only be valid in specific areas. Be sure to regularly check on any promo codes that may be applied to  your account for all listed restrictions on all of your promo codes.
  • Upon signing up for Lyft, a temporary authorization hold is put on your payment method upon your first ride. This hold does not include your promo code discount, but will show as pending on your account.  The final amount on the receipt from your ride will be the amount actually charged to your account.
  • Lyft promo codes cannot be saved for later, once you have applied it to your account it must be used within the limitations of its expiration date.

Ride Discounts

Some of you may not be aware that there are more than one type of discount available on Lyft.  The two types of discounts are as follows:

Fixed Discounts: A fixed rate discount removes a flat-rate dollar amount from your fare.  Fixed rate discounts can apply to the fare of your ride as well as additional fees, however it does not apply to tips, damage fees, or cancellation fees that are associated with your ride.

Percentage Discounts

A percentage discount offer a percent discount off of the overall fare of your ride.  Percentage discounts apply exclusively to the ride fare, which is calculated based on base charge, time, distance, and whether or not Lyft Prime Time rates are in effect.  This does not affect additional fees associated with the ride such as tip, service fee, airport fees, tolls fees, or ride surcharges such as cancellation or damage fees.

Always be sure to read the specific details of any promotion you apply to your account.  You can find this information in the communications you received about the Lyft promo code, or can be found in the Promos tab on the Lyft app.  Ride discounts do not rollover from one ride to the next, and if the ride discount does not cover the entirety of your fare, the remainder of your fee is charged to the default payment method listed on your account.

Paying with Lyft Promo Code Credit

Lyft promo code credit is essentially cash in your account.  Once you’ve gained enough free credit through these various methods, it’s important to make sure you use it.  You can verify the sum of your credit on your Lyft account via the app or website. So you can track how much your credit is growing.  Lyft promo code credits are automatically applied to any qualifying ride. Also can be used across multiple rides until the credit is either exhausted or expired.  Lyft promo code credit applies to the ride fare and additional fees. But not tips, or damage or cancellation fees that may be associated by the ride.

It’s important to regularly check up on your credit to ensure you’re getting the most out of these offers.  Stay up to date with your credit and notify Lyft if anything seems wrong.  Lyft reserves the right to revoke credit at any time due to policy violation. So make sure that you follow the rules for promo codes.  New user promo codes are not allowed to be used by existing users. Use of such can result in the loss of free Lyft promo code credit or even losing access to Lyft all together.  Improper sharing of your own personal referral code. Such as the use Google AdWords, Groupon, or any search engine marketing, can result in the loss of all earned credits.

Types of Lyft Vehicles

Lyft provides its users with a wide variety of different vehicles to match whatever your needs may be.  In the early days of the app, the only option was to log in and simply press the big green “Request Lyft” Button. But now that Lyft has grown to new heights, there are three different options for you to choose from. Getting to know the different driving options available to you will not only help you get to your location, but to do it as the price point you want.   There is a range of vehicle choices from the absolute basics.  Check out this breakdown of Lyft’s vehicle choices to help you figure out how to best use you Lyft promo code.


This is the standard ride offered by the app.  This on-demand ride can seat up to four passengers.  This is the lowest cost service offered by Lyft.

Lyft Plus

Lyft Plus cars can accommodate up to six passengers per ride.  Though Lyft Plus costs more than the standard Lyft service, it is a great option for larger groups that wish to travel together.

Lyft Premier

Lyft Premier is the luxury car service offered by Lyft.  Premier cars are luxury sedans with leather interiors, such as Audi, BMW, or Mercedes. This service is currently only offered in LA, the SF Bay Area, and New York City.  This is the most expensive service offered by Lyft.

Lyft Line

Lyft Line is the truest rideshare service. In which you share your ride with other users. Travelling in the same direction and sharing the cost of your trip together.  In order to request a Lyft Line you simply input your final destination. Then the app will automatically pairs you up with a Line Driver that is already on your route.  They will drop off other passengers along the way.  This service can be up to 60% cheaper than standard Lyft rides. However it is currently only offered in LA and San Francisco.

Vehicle options

It’s important to note that not all vehicle options are available in all cities. If you go to you can look up all the choices that are available to you in your area.  Whether you’re looking for a quick ride to the grocery store or an unforgettable night. Lyft has the vehicle to suit your needs.  Also, don’t forget, Lyft promo codes can be used for any vehicle option. So utilize these great discounts to find the perfect ride for you.

The Future of Lyft

John Zimmer, Lyft President, has many ideas about the future of Lyft.  In five years he hopes for the company to make the move towards using autonomous vehicles. In ten years to switch over entirely.  Zimmer believes that as we transition more into a ridesharing society. Our needs for cities will shift away from expanses of parking lots, pollution and traffic will die down. Cities will put effort into building housing, green spaces, or businesses, rather than erecting parking structures.

Zimmer envisions a Lyft ride plan, similar to a data plan. Which riders can purchase a specific amount of miles per month to be allocated as they choose.  These ride plans would also allow riders to select from different service to go along with your Lyft ride.  A ride on the way to work could be better with wifi to check your email on. A ride with your friends on an evening out with your friends could be enhanced by a sort of bar on wheels.  As Lyft continues to grow, the possibilities for the future grow even more.


In summary, Lyft provides many ways for you to save. Be it as a first time user, a frequent rider, or a driver.  Through the use of Lyft promo codes, you can gain credit for your own rides. While helping others get discounts as well.  Lyft has become a massive part of city life. Aiding in commutes, creating safer ways home and just overall getting us where we need go.  If you can avoid surge pricing at high-demand hours, then it’s an incredibly cost effective choice.  As your free credit from promo codes begins to stack up, the more free rides you’ll be able to take.  However it’s important to keep an eye on when your credits expire. Use them beforehand, as you cannot redeem them past their expiration date.

Lyft’s innovation

Lyft is a company that is constantly innovating.  They try out new ideas, deals, and plans, all in the effort of creating a better car ride.  Uber even more is only heightened by the variety of ways Lyft helps you earn free rides.  Between the new user promo code, your own personal referral codes to give out to others. Utilizing promo codes from other ridesharing apps, there is a wealth of savings to be had.  Lyft, in its essence, stands for freedom, to be able to do what you want, the way you want it.

This desire for ease and independence is what makes so many people want to be a part of Lyft. There is a seemingly endless source of free credit available, you just have to go after it.

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