Bluedio T3 Stereo Headphones

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Bluedio T3 Stereo Headphones
Bluedio T3 Stereo Headphones

Bluedio T3 Stereo Headphones, for best sound on your ears

If you want listen some good music or watch some movie you must to have good headphones.
Without that, movie do not have all thing to enjoy or music all quality of sound, to you make your mind relax.
So it is time to you really enjoy when you put your headphones on ear.
With Bluedio T3 Stereo Headphones you get all that you need for your ear when you watch movie or listen music.
Bluedio T3 Stereo Headphones are make to sound better, to last a very long time.
57 mm drivers, tantalizing diaphragms give you a powerful bass. Those characteristic make Bluedio high quality, cost effective headphone.

Bluedio has spread more than 150 coutry around the world- that is good quality indicator.
So just imagine that you are on some concert, and sound of music come all around you that present 3D music of this headphones. This characteristics is especially visible when you watch some movies.
Clearer Calls- this is possible with help of analog silicon microphone features a sensitivity -42dB and also a high signal to noise ratio.

Movies and music on high quality

Also this product have a extra quality build witch give a headphones strong and durable.
For convenient control press Vol+/Vol- button- adjust volume and Vol+/Vol- button to select
Some of characteristics of this headphones:
-Bluetooth version 4.1 EDR.
-Resolution up to 24 bit.
-Bluetooth music time 20 hours.
-Standby time up to 1100 hours.
– Padded with soft memory to give you long wearing comfort and enjoy.
Therefore now just only thing you need to do. Visit amazon web site and make your extra headphones come to your home on easy step.
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