How to be a driver for Uber car service

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Do you want to know how to be a driver for Uber? There are many terms and conditions that you need to fulfill in order to become an Uber driver. Because of the requirements, there are many drivers who cannot become the Uber driver.

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We will discuss about the requirements in the next part. But, the most important part is to check the background of the drivers. The third party will check the background the persons who have applied for the post.


The third party company will check is there any criminal case against the driver or not. Moreover, they will also ensure the experience of the driver, the validity of the driving license, the driving license should be issued in the same city. In case of other city’s driving license. The company will also check the validity of the driving license.


How to be a driver for Uber & its requirement?


The main requirements of being Uber driver are as follow:


  • You must need to be 21 years old
  • You must have three years driving experience
  • Also, You must have a driving license for the city
  • You must have an insurance policy
  • You must be free from any bad record


Along with the requirements, Uber will check the background too. This is the best part of the Uber because they ensure the quality of the drivers through the check.




Now you can think twice before you apply for Uber driver. You must fulfill the requirements of the Uber driver. Otherwise, you cannot get appointed for the Uber network. Moreover, you need to remain careful when driving with a passenger. Uber is very strict about the feedback of Uber. Overall, this is hard to become an Uber driver but a good side for the passengers.