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Saucey Coupon

Saucey is an amazing new app for having alcohol delivered to your door at any time. This is similar to Drizly as well. This app was originated by three friends who worked together and enjoyed to drinking after a long day. These three friends are Chris Vaughn, Daniel Leeb, and Andrew Zeck. They were working on a different app by the name of TextPlus. During that time they had the idea of starting an alcohol delivery app for the greater. Los Angeles Area. Original the idea came from Vaughn when he ran low on wine one day after work and did not feel like making a long trip to the store for some more.

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How does Saucey work

Using Saucey should not be a problem for anyone. It’s a fairly simple process. This app is available on Iphone and android cell phones. You just head over to the app market on your phone. Search and download Saucey. You may also visit their website at Here you can set up your account. They accept all major forms of credit cards and debit cards as well. Once you set up your account and payment method and let it know where your location is at you can browse the alcohol available. Someone will deliver your alcohol within an hour! The great thing is that most users tend to receive their order within 30 minutes.

If the bottle or case you requested is however out of stock. You will receive a message from Saucey with some recommendations similar to the order you wanted.

How do they know the customer is 21

Saucey has placed a system to make sure that everyone who uses the app is verified to be of drinking age prior to delivery. They have you go through an ID verification training if you work for Saucey as a delivery person. They are provided with an ID Scanning app. This will check the ID and verify the age and identity of the person before the alcohol is officially delivered.

Does the orders come with a delivery fee?

All orders through Saucey will come with a small fee of $2.99 for orders that are under $35. The fee however is waived for all orders that go over $35 dollars and for all of those Premium Members who also get a %5 off their entire order! And to top it off with the savings. When you first sign up don’t forget to use Saucey Coupon TRY10 and save even more on your first order!

Premium Membership

If you’re someone whos going to be ordering a lot. You can take advantage of their Premium Membership package. This will run you about $7.99 a month. You can also cancel this at any time. However, the benefits are that you have no delivery fee on any order. You also receive a 5% discount on every order you place. So this helps you save big if you tend to buy a ton of alcohol.

In order to cancel your premium membership, simply load up your Saucey app. Find the Membership option. Once you’re there click Turn Off Auto Renew. This will prevent the recurring charge before the next billing cycle.

Promotional offers!

Saucey will also from time to time drop some promotional offers on different items. You can take advantage of these by keeping an eye out for them by being subscribed to their e-mail and have enabled their push notifications. They will always alert you when something is on a big sale. You must act fast because if they sales are good enough, that item could run out of stock. So don’t miss out on these savings!

If you ever would like to be unsubscribed from push notifications, you just email them. Make sure you do this from the same email you used to be subscribed. Give them your first and last name. they will take care of the rest very quickly.

Order details

You can have different size orders. If you’re trying to throw a large event or even hire saucey for the private event. You can do this as well! Just email them at . Provide them with the Event date, time and location. The Desired delivery time. And the list of the items must also be included in the email. You can also ask for recommendations. Just provide them with the same details. Let them know how long the event is planned to be. About how many guest you will be having over. And what type of alcohol you think you would prefer. Beer, spirits, or wine, and they will give you ideas on what could cover all these details.   

Changing address

If you have already placed an order, and you’d like to change the address. For whatever reason. Don’t worry Saucey can take care of that as well. You can change the address for any order by replying to the confirmation text message that gets sent to you after placing your order. Let them know you’ve changed locations for the delivery and they will make sure they go to the correct one.

Cancel order

Life is full of surprises and could lead you with dropping plans at the last minute. Saucey definitely understands this. All you’ll have to do is reach out to them at their customer support department via text or call at 424.320.3477. They will cancel and refund your order immediately. This is a company that looks out for their customers.

In conclusion,

Weather you need some drinks at home by yourself or with a few friends this app is for you. Even if you’re planning a big party or business event that requires some drinks, this app is perfect for that as well. Covers everyone. They provide great low prices. And quality service. Along with all the savings you will already receive. Don’t forget to use Saucey Coupon TRY10 to save even more.

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