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Did you ever use Lyft service? Did you drive with Lyft or for Lyft? Are there anything you would like to share with others? You can do it in comment section below. But before that, let’s try to make a presentation of “What Lyft really is?”, and how big is actually Lyft! I already wrote about what Lyft is, where it comes from, but let’s do it again in short terms. Well, Lyft is Company based in San Francisco, CA, USA! It operates in more than 200 cities in USA, and in about 10-15 cities around the world. This is pretty much big, because Lyft is growing very fast, and I think reason for that is feeling of security which it gives to their passengers and drivers too.

lyft company

Lyft is worth today more then $5 billion, and it grows everyday. Using Lyft service as cab or taxi is more then pleasent. Yellow Cabs, as we know them are very expensive, but Lyft is based on those iregularities that are Yellow cabs surrounded with. Lyft started in 2007 as Zimride, Company made by John Zimmer and Logan Green. Even if in that time Lyft wasn’t Lyft, it was named Zimride, it was really similar to Lyft, but Lyft is established in 2012, and from then it breaks all the boundires that are in front of it.

Why to use Lyft Company Services?

lyft company

Well Lyft is much cheaper than Yellow Cab, and beside that, there are nice and smiley drivers that are not just your drivers, they are your friends for that ride. Beside that, with your PROMO CODE COUPON you can get $50 worth of FREE RIDES, and you can try basicly Lyft for FREE! Just download your APP and enter our promo code, and $50 will be added to your account. If you want to read more about this Lyft PROMO CODE just click here!

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