Lyft driver payments – What am I paid for?!

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You need a job? Well often you will look at your degree, if you have one, and ask yourself “Where can I find job?” Well, today I’m not giving you opportuinty to work with your degree, but I can give you an offer which is pretty much awesome. Working for Lyft is fun, nice payed and after all easy to work. Don’t judge at the beginning, just look at these facts, this numbers and then decide if this is for you or not!

lyft driver payments

Lyft driver payments – Getting paid for what?!

If you want to drive for Lyft, you should know how to calculate your pay. Imagine it like this. You are Lyft driver, and first thing you want to know is „When will you start calculation of your payment?“. Well, Lyft gave answers to all question you might have in your head on their website. But, I will make it easier to read for you right here.

So, drivers should go at destination where customer wanted you to come. And logical thing is that your payment will start in moment when you picked up your passenger and have begun the ride. But there is one really great, „dollar smelly“ thing called „Paid for waiting“. Drivers will get paid for every minute while they wait for passengers on their destination. So, you just press „ARRIVE“ button and  wait for magic to happen.  It goes like this:

  • You complete the ride: You’re paid for the time you waited, plus the ride fare itself.
  • You cancel the ride: If you cancel a ride before the timer runs out (five minutes for original Lyft rides and two minutes for Lyft Line) and without trying to call your passenger, you won’t be paid for the time you waited.
  • Your passenger is a no-show: As long as you wait for the timer to run out and try to contact them, you’ll collect a no-show fee for your time.

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