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If you need a job then you can always consider driving. Lyft, inc is company based in San Francisco, CA, and today it operates in more then 200 cities in the US. It also is in more then 10 cities around the world. Well, if you want a job and you want to drive for Lyft you can just fill this form and then you will be invited to a interview. Even if you are not only interested in driving, Lyft can offer to you more than that. Visit this page and find out what positions are opened in Lyft inc.

lyft employment

In “Current openings”, you can find Lyft positions. Just click on every each one of them and there you can find

  • Description
  • Responsibilities
  • Experience and Skill

And, after you read all of that, just click below on pink button “Apply”. If you do not want to, go back and search for another one. If you want to drive for Lyft, well that is even better.

Lyft Employment – Drive for Lyft!



If you want to be a driver for Lyft just go to this page and fill the form.  Lyft will contact you and make an agreement for your interview. What you need to know? Not much, but you can read on our Blog what are Lyft requirements for Lyft drivers. In short terms, you need to be older than 21 years, you need to have car newer than 2004th, and that is pretty much it. If you have never driven with Lyft before, you can try Lyft for FREE! Just download Lyft App, use our PA2 Promo Code and get $50 worth of FREE RIDES TODAY!

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