Lyft mail – Lyft Customer Support at your service!

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Every single one of us in the world have question that we can’t find answer for. Well, that sometimes can be pretty bad for us. Do you have questions about Lyft? I did, and when I started to write about Lyft there were so many questions I couldn’t find answers for. But, I always do a little research and find what I need. Therefore, a lot of answers on your questions can be found on our Blog, and if you want to read our blog you can click here and it will be magically opened for you. But, after all we can’t provide all information you need, and sometimes even if we can it could take a while for you to find them on our site. Therefore, I offer you better solution.

lyft e-mail

Lyft mail – Customer Support at your service!

You can contact Lyft on so many ways, even by your phone. You can yous your App, you can find FAQ on their site, or even use their site. But their E-mail is sometimes hard to find, and you can even ask yourself – Will I get answer if I write? Well, I tried that for you. I sent one e-mail and guess what, they answerd me. And they did it pretty fast too. In this article, I will give you a list of e-mail’s you can use to contact Lyft. And every each one of them is for something different, so pay atention, and choose wisely.

Lyft e-mail address – if you are a Lyft rider or driver and need general help with the Lyft app – if Lyft mentors get kicked out of a mentor session during it, they can submit documents and follow-up emails from the session here – (This was not working the last time we checked) – if you have questions about anything related to driving for Lyft – if you have an awesome story from a Lyft experience, or just something you want to share, you can submit it to this email – if you have questions, comments, concerns, you can email them with this – if you need to submit your completed CPUC inspection checklist or past inspection documents (California drivers only) – if you have questions about your rating or how you can improve as a driver




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