Lyft Ride Cost – How much you need to pay for a ride? + PA2 Coupon Code!

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Lyft is your each day help tool you can use to get rides. If you want to drive with Lyft, you need their App, and you can get rides in just a few minutes. But, same as everyone else you should, and I think you did ask yourself a question – How much does Lyft costs? It does depend on some things, like in which city you live, how long your ride is going to be, or anything similar to that. Positive thing with Lyft is their Rideshare service, where you can share your ride and split the bill with other passengers. That’s great? There is even more. First of all, I want to tell you to follow our blog for more information about Lyft. We publish every day something that can be helpful for you!

lyft ride cost

Calculating the Lyft Ride Cost of a ride

Your ride payment (Regular or Plus Ride) is calculated based on following:

  • Distance: total miles traveled
  • Time: total minutes traveled
  • Base charge: the amount the ride starts at
  • The Service Fee: added to each ride charge
  • Prime Time: a percentage added during the busiest times, which you are notified of before requesting

This can be something scary, because there is so much to pay and you can’t understand anything. But, don’t be afraid. There is another option on how you can find how much your ride will cost. Well, you can do it if you click here. There you can choose your starting point and your destination. Beside that, I think that Lyft is cheaper than most Taxis around U.S., and therefore you don’t need to worry about anything at all. Download your App and start using Lyft TODAY!

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