Lyft Ride Discounts – What is this and how to use it? + PA2 Coupon!

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lyft ride discount

The Basics

In Lyft, there are two types of promotions for Lyft Passengers:

  • Lyft Credits
  • Ride Discounts

How to claim this? You can claim these if you use a specific Promo Code.

How do I view my available promotions or discounts?

When you open your Lyft App, go to the Payment screen after a ride, and you will see the credit amount applied, and the amount that was charged to your payment method. If it isn’t applying automatically, just tap ‘Payment Method’, which is also displayed above the ride total, and there you can see your available options.

In this article, I will only focus on a Ride Discount, so you can read more below.


What is a Lyft Ride Discount?

Lyft offers to you two type of Ride Discounts*:

  • Percentage Discounts
  • Fixed Discounts

PERCENTAGE DISCOUNTS only apply to the base charge, time, distance, Prime Time. They do not apply to any additional amounts associated with the ride. What does ADDITIONAL AMOUNT include?

  • Tips
  • The Service Fee
  • Airport Fees
  • Tolls
  • Other ride surcharges (cancellation, damage fees, etc)

These are typically available in the communications you received about the promotion, or in the ‘Promos’ section of the app.

FIXED DISCOUNTS apply to additional fees and to the fare itself. They do not apply to tips, damage fees associated with the ride or also cancellation fees.

*Ride Discounts are valid for one ride only, and they do not rollover from one ride to another. If the ride costs more than your Ride Discount, the remainder is charged to your default payment method.

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lyft ride discount

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