How Much Money You Can Make With Lyft? – Drive and Earn!

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How much you can earn with Lyft

how much money you can make with lyft

Everyone needs a job, hobby or something. But if you like driving around, then Lyft can be good option for you. You can ask this question right now. How much you can earn with Lyft? Well, we will give you answer on this question soon. Although, working with your own car is not that simple, nice and clean. You do realize that you will drive people around who can throw up or who did not take a shower that morning? Like I said, expect the unexpected.

Maybe you saw banners like the one below, and asked yourself, “Can I really make up to $1500 per week?“ Well I would do that too, really. But it does take a lot of time, effort and nerves to work with people, especially driving them in your own car. Anything could happen, but is it worth it? I asked the simple question, how much does Lyft pay to their drivers? Let’s find it out.

how much money you can make with lyft

How much you can earn with Lyft? How can you calculate your pay?

If you want to drive for Lyft, you should know how to calculate your pay. The question of how much does Lyft pay is answered with a few factors. Imagine it like this. You are Lyft driver, and first thing you want to know is „When will you start calculation of your payment?“. Well, Lyft gave answers to all question you might have in your head on their website. But, I will make it easier to read for you right here.

So, drivers should go at destination where customer wanted you to come. And logical thing is that your payment will start in moment when you picked up your passenger and have begun the ride. But there is one really great, „dollar smelly“ thing called „Paid for waiting“. Drivers will get paid for every minute while they wait for passengers on their destination. So, you just press „ARRIVE“ button and  wait for magic to happen.  It goes like this:

  • You complete the ride: You’re paid for the time you waited, plus the ride fare itself.
  • You cancel the ride: If you cancel a ride before the timer runs out (five minutes for original Lyft rides and two minutes for Lyft Line) and without trying to call your passenger, you won’t be paid for the time you waited.
  • Your passenger is a no-show: As long as you wait for the timer to run out and try to contact them, you’ll collect a no-show fee for your time.

But how much?

Simple as that. But there is a question you’ve been asking yourself: “HOW MUCH DOES LYFT PAY?” It depends. But, let me explain it like this: Drivers have ride fare, and it is calculated based on the following amounts:

  • Base Fare: The amount passengers pay to start the ride.
  • Cost Per Mile: The amount you earn per mile in the region where your ride starts.
  • Cost Per Minute: The amount you earn per minute in the region where your ride starts.

Minimum and Maximum fare. Prime Time

There is minimum and maximum fare. Minimum fare is the lowest amount that Lyft charge passengers, even if the ride is short (minimum fare includes base fare). Maximum fare is for longer-than-average rides. The maximum fare can vary based on area or ride type, so you can check your city’s page for the current rate. Besides that, you have Prime Time, and that is the sweet part of this job, I guess. When there aren’t enough drivers for all the  ride requests that Lyft gets, passengers are required to pay an extra percentage on top of the Base Fare/Cost Per Minute/Cost Per Mile. During Prime Time, a $6 ride would become $9 ride when there’s 50% Prime Time. More about it you can read here.

What do passengers needs to pay? Tipping?

There is additional amounts that passengers pay, and it is The Service Fee, Pickup or Drop-off Airport Fees, Venue Fees, Applicable Tolls, Taxes or other applicable fees Lyft is required to collect. The T&S fee, airport fees, and other applicable fees or taxes are not reflected in your driver summaries. After all, unlike Uber, there is tipping. In the Lyft app there is a simple step for passengers to give a tip to drivers. So that could be additional earnings for you, and your kindness to passengers. Lyft needs to run smoothly, so it takes a commission from the ride fare, including Prime Time. This is reflected in summary of driver as ‘Lyft Fees.’

And in the end, when will you get paid? Well, your earnings are totaled each week. Transfers for the previous week begin processing on Tuesday. By the end of the week, your earnings are transferred into your account. More about how much you can earn, or any questions about getting payments with Lyft you can find here. Hope that brings an answer to the question of how much does Lyft pay.

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