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Use the pink mustache cab for best rides whenever you need taxi services.  Lyft has come out strongly to compete on the scene by giving the most affordable taxi services to all. The services are not only affordable but also of very high quality. In addition to that, there is a very beautiful story behind every pink mustache cab you see on the street near you.

Most noteworthy, the pink mustache stands as the identity of the Lyft company. Since Lyft does not use a specific color on their cars, they use the pink mustache. In addition to that, Lyft uses the mustache because it does not use taxi stickers on their cars. Another important point is the fact that Lyft runs online via the Lyft mobile app.

To be able to use the Lyft app, download the Lyft app from the web. It is available for android and for iPhone.  Ensure to check out for the latest version of the app due to the constant updates being made. Use Coupon Promo Code PA2 in payment to unlock free ride credit worth $50.


Variety of quality rides to enjoy with pink mustache cab

Did you know that there are a variety of rides to choose from Lyft with the pink mustache cab? You can either ride alone, share ride or choose the Lyft premium service. There are four ways to enjoy a ride with Lyft. These are;

Lyft Line and Lyft Plus for ride share

When you ride with Lyft Line, you get to enjoy a ride with two other passengers with whom you are traveling in the same direction. In addition to that, you split the cost of the ride at the end.

Lyft ride

You can choose to ride alone and sit in the front seat with the driver.

Lyft Premier

With Lyft Premier, you get to ride in a very luxurious cab by Lyft to your destination. If you have an event or occasion, trust Lyft Premier with your needs.

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