How to request for Uber 2 vehicles at a time

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How to request for Uber 2 vehicles at a time?


If you want to request for Uber 2 vehicles at a time, you need to request twice. There is no other way to request for two vehicles at a time at the same place. Therefore, this is important to take a time to request for a car.

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You need to close your mobile app and re-open it after you requested once. Then, you can tap into the same process and select another driver. Otherwise, you may not get two vehicles from the Uber.


Moreover, this is also important to choose the payment method and the type of car you want. As this is a separate request, you need to select it like you are requesting for one car. Also, you can use different car service and car model depending on your needs.


Is there any way to ask for Uber 2 vehicles?


No. there is no separate method to request for more than one car at a time. Of course, you can request for multiple times to book more cars. If you need many cars for an event of business events, you can contact the support.


Contacting with the support is a good idea for multiple cars. Otherwise, this is hard to do the same process again and again for more cars. Moreover, you can use the separate payment method for each of the cars.





Now you know how to request an uber car or multiple cars. Therefore, you can follow our step for requesting two cars in Uber. You will get the cars on time. Also, you can mail to the support team in order to get more information. Surely, you will get a quick response from the team. However, you should not expect to get any discount for multiple cars.

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