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Uber care team is very efficient to provide support to the clients. The Uber support team is very quick to responding to the clients. Moreover, they provide you an official email address to communicate.


For the new users, there is also a guide how to use Uber in a written format. You can read out the guide in order to understand the Uber function and how to use Uber for requesting a car.

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In order to provide you ride cost idea, there is also a Cost Estimator in the Uber site. So, this is also a plus point for the users to know and use the estimator.


Uber care does not have any direction phone number to communicate. However, there is a phone number by which you can communicate. But, you need to hear a long machine voice regarding Uber. So, this is a waste of time.


You can also contact with Uber using the mobile phone app. this is a good idea to communicate because this is fast to access.

Uber Care

How Uber Care of the clients?


Uber will always consider the client’s feedback after the ride. There is a feedback and review option once you complete a ride. Therefore, you can give rating and feedback to the driver. This will help the Uber team to evaluate the performance and problem with the driver.


In case, you need any help, the Uber team will response to your email within a short time. Depending on the type of concern, it will take only 1 hour to send you a mail.




Uber always care its clients and feedback. Therefore, you will always get quick action regarding any support. As a result, you can contact with Uber in case you have a question. You will surely get your answer within a short time.

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