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The best way to get where you need to go; whenever, wherever!


You can surround yourself with everything you might need on a whim. For example, you could have a grocery store, a gym, a bank, a drugstore, some restaurants, even an office supply. And you could have all of this just a short walk from your home; pretty much everything, right?

Well eventually, you will HAVE to leave your home to get somewhere. But the problem is, owning a car can be expensive (not just gas but auto insurance, repairs and so many more things.) And public transit can be not only unreliable, but pretty darn annoying. And taxi cabs can be very costly, and randomly, bad experiences.

Thankfully, there is a new option available for you, and everyone like you. By using your Uber Sacramento coupon promo code, you can get where you need to go, on-demand. And, you can do it for quite a discount as well!


Using your Uber Sacramento coupon promo code is easy!


Using Uber is done through an app on your smartphone. The app is free to download, and you can use it on both Apple and Android phones. Once you have downloaded the app, before you use it it will ask you for some personal information. This includes things like your name, your phone number, and your credit card (used for paying for the rides you take.)

There is also a spot on your profile to upload a photo of yourself, so your driver knows what you look like. This is pretty helpful, as it cuts down on confusion when your driver is looking for you for your pickup.

THe next step to using your Uber Sacramento coupon promo code is getting your first ride. THe app uses your phone’s location settings and data in order to keep track of your location. This makes it as easy to use as pushing the ‘request a ride’ button. Don’t forget to use your Uber Sacramento coupon promo code; it’s likely a new user discount, and must be used for your first ride.

It will show you all the drivers in your area, and the second one accepts your ride request you will know. You will see the driver’s picture, a picture of their car, their name and their license plate number.


After your ride

You can track your rider’s progress on the road through the app, both before your ride and during. And if you’ve used your Uber Sacramento coupon promo code, you can rest easy knowing your ride is being enjoyed with a nice discount.

Uber employs some high standards when it comes to their drivers, so you can feel safe and at ease in one of their driver’s cars. And after you arrive at your destination, you are given the option to rate your driver, and tip them if you so choose. And with Uber available in so many places, you can be sure you have a way to get around. So give it a try! The app is a free download, and using your Uber Sacramento coupon promo code gives you a discount. You’ve got nothing to lose!

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