What Is A Lyft Promo Code?

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What Is A Lyft Promo Code


What is a Lyft promo code?

A Lyft promo code is an alpha-numeric code which allows you to take advantages of what Lyft is promoting in your current geographical location. The Lyft promo code value changes monthly by location. Currently the Lyft promo code “PA2” allows a new user to obtain 5 rides at a value of $10.00 each, and can be used nationwide. A Lyft promo code can only be used once by a “new “rider or someone who has not installed the Lyft application on their phone previously.

Note: Most Lyft promo codes hold the same value so where the code is acquired does not matter. When a code is used the owner of the code will receive  monetary incentive after you take your first ride. Lyft does not pay out for only inputting the code, a user must take advantage of their first ride.

How long is a Lyft promo code valid?

A Lyft promo code is valid for 14-30 days as per Lyft. In our personal experience which corresponds with other code users it’s not uncommon for your code to last longer than 30 days. Since Lyft officially states that it must be used within this time frame, we recommend doing so.

Where is my Lyft promo code valid?

As discussed above your Lyft promo code is valid in most nationwide major cities. If your code is not valid you will receive a notification through the payment screen on the mobile app after submitting the code. Don’t worry though! Just because your code is not valid today, does not mean it wont be tomorrow. Lyft is always expanding and coming to new cities across the nation.

[su_spoiler title=”Click here to see a list of valid Lyft cities!” style=”fancy]Phoenix, Scottsdale, Surprise, Tempe, Tucson, Bakersfield, Berkeley, Carlsbad, Cupertino, Fresno, Huntington Beach, Inglewood, Los Angeles, Napa, Palm Springs-Palm Desert, Richmond, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, San Leandro, San Mateo, Washington D.C.,  Fort Lauderdale, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Bali, Jakarta, Lexington, Louisville, New Orleans, Kuala Lumpur, Baltimore, Detroit, Farmington Hills, Troy, Warren, Minneapolis,  ersey City, Montclair, Morristown, Newark, Trenton, Nassau County, New York City, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Newport, Pawtucket, Providence, Singapore, Memphis, Nashville, Arlington, Austin, Dallas, Denton, Ft. Worth, Garland, San Antonio,Salt Lake City, Virginia Beach, Everett, Kent, Seattle, Spokane, Vancouver, Madison, Milwaukee, Waukesha [/su_spoiler]


The best ways to use a Lyft promo code

Using a Lyft promo code is a great idea for many reasons. Take a look at what we have came up! We recommend using your code for one of the following:

      • Commuting in heavily populated areas.
      • Transpiration to and from major events.
      • Car failure & break downs.
      • To prevent drunk driving.
      • Traveling in new areas or on vacation.

As you can see there are dozens of ways to utilize your code! If you have any other suggestions please feel free to email us at couponcodeshero@gmail.com!

What if I want more Lyft rides?

Lyft has recently cut its fares to absurd levels but as a rider you still want something free. We have outlined a few methods above but the best way to earn free rides involves having your friends download the app using your Lyft promo code. You both get a free Lyft ride and you can utilize these rides together. A couple of our friends recently did this and we found it to be genius. One friend uses another Lyft promo code – the referrer will use the free ride to the bars and the other uses theirs on the way back and costs you nothing. That’s at least $50 in Lyft ride credit for simply spreading the word. Rinse and repeat with your entire friend group to earn free rides all day long!

How Is Lyft Different Than Uber?

Lyft and Uber both utilize the concept of matching riders and drivers through a mobile app, but there are a few key differences that set Lyft apart. In our experiences, Uber drivers aim to create a more business-professional riding experience while Lyft drivers aim to create a playful, fun atmosphere. They are encouraging users to sign up with a Lyft promo code for the first Lyft ride free.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that because Lyft was founded in 2012, they are much younger than competitor Uber, which was founded in the same city in 2009. As a result, Uber tends to have more drivers on the road which can lead to a slightly longer wait if you are using Lyft.

However, last year Lyft received a large amount of private funding and continues to rapidly increase their business footprint by expanding operations past its current 65 cities in the continental United States, while Uber has expanded to over hundreds of cities in 58 countries. Lyft’s model is to capture market share from Uber by offering free Lyft rides for users with a Lyft promo code.

Interested in recruiting with Lyft promo codes?

Want to earn an extra income, upwards of thousands of dollars per month? Here’s how! With Lyft you can not only drive but also refer drivers to the platform.

  • Apply to drive for Lyft starting with this link (Become a Lyft Driver)
  • For every driver you refer you will earn $20.00
  • After applying to become a driver you will receive a Lyft driver referral code!
  • Get creative when distributing your code. Online blogs, YouTube videos and social media are a great place to start.

Driving in Los Angeles, can earn you extra money right now!

Right now Lyft is offering a $500.00 bonus to any new driver that completes 100 rides in less than 30 days! Let’s see how this stacks up in comparison.

A Lyft ride is roughly 13-20 minutes long after your rider has entered the car. If do the math taking an average of 17 minutes into account and multiply it by 100 rides, the total is 1700 minutes! How long is 1700 minutes, it is approximately 28.8 hours. That means by working for 28 hours in your first month, not week, you will accumulate your base pay, tips AND a 500.00 incentive. Pretty awesome right?!



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